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Welcome to Zeeland!

Serenity, space, and coziness


Renesse. Beautiful beaches with lovely sand and clear water. The perfect spot to relax and enjoy the sun. But definitely for an active vacation as well! There are countless activities to choose from, like surfing, kite surfing, sailing, cycling, hiking, and horseback riding.

A beautiful area with dunes, forests and nature reserves, perfect for nature lovers. Renesse also has a rich history, and you'll find various cultural points of interest in the area, like the castle of Renesse and the Watersnoodmuseum in Ouwerkerk.

2 nights
2 people

Familysuite Michiel

Zeeland, Renesse
  • Familysuite with kitchen and terrace
2 nights
2 people


Zeeland, Renesse
  • Parkvilla with pantry
  • Fenced spacious garden
2 nights
2 people

Lodge Jacques Cousteau XXL

Zeeland, Renesse
  • Luxury Lodge Jacques Cousteau XXL
  • Modern
  • Fully equipped
2 nights
2 people

Vacation rental

Zeeland, Renesse
  • Spacious
  • Various gardens are fenced
It's up to you


Enjoy a carefree camping vacation with the family in Renesse! Experience the widest beaches, the nice atmosphere, and beautiful nature. Choose between well-equipped spots with water, sewer connections, digital cable TV, and Wi-Fi. Often with private sanitary facilities, for the optimal comfort of your own bathroom at your camping spot.


Enjoy your vacation in a bungalow, holiday home, or park villa on the coast of Zeeland. With spacious bathrooms and sturdy box-spring beds. We offer you, as guest looking for luxury and comfort, 3 types; Bungalows, Holiday homes, and Park villas. No sofa beds in the living room. Bedrooms for 2 persons!

Hotel Lodges & Suites

A Hotel Lodge at Camping de Brem is a modern 2 or 4-person Family Suite which is fully equipped. The Lodges feature a complete kitchen. Besides that they of course have a bathroom with a shower and two sinks, excellent box-spring beds, and a patio with lounge chairs and garden furniture. It has everything for a pleasant stay.


Enjoy a luxurious vacation with the family in a lodge in Renesse! Experience wide beaches, coziness, and beautiful nature. All the comforts from home, including private shower, toilet, digital cable TV, good beds, and a private patio. At Camping de Brem, a four-star campsite, you have everything for a great beach vacation within reach.
For everyone

Kids & Co

Children radiate excitement at Kids & Co because of the lively activities and creative games. The team manages to grab the attention of the children with lively interaction, adventurous programs, and a playful atmosphere, making every day a memorable adventure.

A refreshing dive

A heated outdoor swimming pool at the campsite is simply comfortable. It makes swimming accessible. The pleasant temperatures provide relaxation and fun, making the swimming pool a favorite spot for our guests.

Special demonstrations

At Camping de Brem, demos like the breathtaking raptor show make your stay unforgettable. Guests will be amazed by the majestic birds of prey and will enjoy the unusual. The (nature) excursions in the area are also totally worth your time!

Lots of entertainment

A unique experience with musical performances by both famous and upcoming artists. From intimate sessions to loud concerts. A stage for various musical styles, where guests can enjoy live performances in a relaxed atmosphere.
Throughout the year

Enjoy the fresh breeze

Catching a fresh breeze in winter in Renesse creates a unique experience on the Dutch coast. The beach of Renesse, surrounded by the serenity of the winter season, offers a picturesque refuge. The fresh sea breeze, the sound of the waves, and the expansive dunes create a calming ambiance. Going on a hike along the coast during this time of year creates a refreshing escape and a moment of reflection, far away from the daily bustle.

Experience fall

Fall gets another dimension in Renesse with cultural explorations in nearby medieval cities like Middelburg and Zierikzee. While the coast offers quietness and serenity, a visit to these historical cities reveals a wealth of architectural beauty and cultural heritage. The interaction between fall colors and ancient streets creates an atmosphere of enchanting nostalgia, making the experience both invigorating and enriching.

Winter skies

The winter skies above Zeeland enchant through a spectacle of meteorological beauty. Golden sunsets paint the horizon in warm colors, while erratic cloud formations dance on the cool breeze. The vastness of the skies above the coast of Zeeland elevate winter to a visual spectacle, where light and sky come together harmoniously for an enchanting experience.

Spring at the beach

In the early morning in spring an enchanting spectacle can be seen above Zeeland. As the first rays of sun warm the beach and color the sky, the morning air embraces the fresh scent of young grass. The waking of nature is accompanied by a subtle symphony of birdsong, making spring mornings in Zeeland a sensory celebration of renewal and bloom.
Your hosts:



As the eldest daughter of recreation entrepreneur Daniël Viergever, I grew up at Camping de Brem. This place has been offering just that little bit more in Renesse for the past 35 years. Personality, service, and quality. This is exactly what we would like to continue. I look forward to welcoming you as a guest and showing you what Camping de Brem can do for you!




At Camping De Brem, my role mainly revolves around technology and financiën. I make sure that all technical systems work optimally. I also take on the financial tasks, making sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. It is great to make my contribution to the day-to-day running of this beautiful campsite.




With a young, dynamic reception team, we ensure that personal service and hospitality come first. No question or request is too much, which makes it extra challenging and fun!




My experience in renowned (star) restaurants helps tremendously to offer our guests just a little bit more. Our cuisine is therefore inspired by flavors from around the world, but we work mostly with fresh products from the local area. As Chef of Grôôt Café SMAEK, I like to create an experience of Culinary Zealand. Will you also enjoy the taste of the sea and the land?

Grôôt Café SMAEK

Simply a good kitchen.


You are on vacation. You enjoy the time you spend together, the quietness, and the space. We understand this at Camping de Brem. Zeeland, and Schouwen-Duiveland especially, has an absolute wealth of unique regional products. For instance, the mussels, Oosterschelde lobster, Zeeland flat oyster, and sea lavender are used by top chefs around the world.

In our restaurant "Groot Café SMAEK" you can also enjoy all the culinary delights Zeeland has to offer. So you are more than welcome to taste our local or traditional dishes.

Prefer takeaway? Our Takeaway restaurant "THUUS" gladly packs, among other things, our home-made pizzas for you!

Patrick Bos in Kitchen
Crème brûlée
Sirloin steak