Camping De Brem
Neeltje Jans

Neeltje Jans - Camping De Brem Renesse


The largest theme park about the Deltawerken, Coast, and Sea in Zeeland!

The Neeltje Jans is part of the Oosterscheldekering as construction island. After completion of the Deltawerken, an information and theme park was opened on Neeltje Jans. In the information center you can see an exposition about the Deltawerken with visual information. This is also explained in a fun and interesting way for children.

But there are more fun things to do. There are shows with sea lions, raptors, and seals. You can also swim with the sea lions and sharks. In the aquarium you won't only see many tropical fish species and anemones, but also animals that live in the Oosterschelde.

From March to November the water park is also open, which has various fun (water) attractions for all ages.


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