Camping De Brem
Luxurious lodge


Lovely Zeeland, with the luxuries of home!

Luxurious holiday with the entire family? Rent a luxurious lodge! Enjoy the widest beaches, the coziness of Renesse, and the most beautiful nature. A nice getaway in the Netherlands. You do not want to miss the convenience of everything you have at home while on holiday, do you? A private shower and toilet, digital cable TV, comfortable beds and, of course, a private patio. Just some of the amenities offered in all of the lodges. At Camping de Brem in Renesse, you will stay at a four-star campsite and have everything you need for a wonderful beach holiday.

    No pets allowed

    Read more for a pet boarding facility near you.

    Right by the heated swimming pool

    The swimming pools at Camping de Brem are heated from April to September.

    Everything close to free transportation

    In order to provide access to the beach crossings and the center of Renesse, Renesse has a Transferium.

    WiFi in your cottage

    WiFi is available here at "Gastvrij de Brem".