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Travel advice

To provide you with up-to-date information at all times, please refer to the national government website where you can find the most current travel advice for your destination country: Government current news

Free re-booking

Camping de Brem is happy to work out a solution with you! Unfortunately, we do not possess a crystal ball, so we do not know when everyone will have a bit more security and freedom. That is why we offer the following: when you make a reservation at Camping de Brem, you can — in case you are unable to visit us — re-book your stay for free by using a voucher worth the amount paid at that time. This guarantees you a stay at Camping de Brem at no additional cost! Please refer to the terms and conditions of the voucher program below:

  • The new arrival date may be no more than one year after the original arrival date.
  • The value of the voucher is equal to the amount you have already paid (in advance). In case the cost associated with the new reservation exceed the value of the voucher, additional payment is required.
  • This is a voucher with no repayment obligation. This means that in case of cancellation of the new reservation by the consumer, Camping De Brem is under no obligation to refund paid advances, nor to (re)pay the value of the voucher.
  • Changes to this arrangement may occur if the government prolongs its measures.

The cancellation fund

When making a reservation, your agreement will include a cancellation fee of 4.5% of the base rent. You are therefore automatically enrolled in this cancellation fund. If you have your own continuous travel insurance or cancellation fund, there is no need to purchase it through us. You can easily notify us by phone or preferably by mail. PLEASE NOTE: The cancellation fund is valid only until the arrival date. The fees due upon cancellation, will be reimbursed per the agreement (the rental properties listed thereon), if you have to cancel due to:

  • Death, serious illness, or serious injury of the insured, non-traveling family members of the insured in the first or second degree, or household members of the insured.
  • Major property damage due to fire, explosion, lightning, burglary, storm, or flood which is not the result of negligence. The damaged property must be the property of the insured, or the company where he or she works. The presence of the insured at the time of the rental period must be urgently required.
  • Involuntary unemployment of the insured, as a result of the company where the insured used to work being partially or completely shut down.
  • An unexpected summon for military service, not being a mobilization.
  • The insured unexpectedly obtaining a rental property intended for permanent habitation, the rental of which begins in the period of 30 days before the start of the rental period of your rental property, up to and including the last day of the rental period.
  • Excluded from coverage are the consequences of the following events: war, civil war, accidents involving nuclear energy or radiation, participating in or voluntarily attending a strike, kidnapping, terrorism, riots or a revolt.
  • Where it says insured, it can also be read as to include those traveling with you. The cancellation must be reported in writing, with supporting documentation if possible, to Camping de Brem within three working days. Reimbursement of rent already paid will be made with deduction of administration fees, and only after all relevant supporting documentation has been presented. The coverage of the cancellation fund starts from the moment all traveling persons are reported to Camping de Brem.

*Please note that the cancellation fund cannot be invoked if you cancel due to the Covid-19 virus.