Camping De Brem
Beach vacation winter

6 reasons for a beach vacation in winter


It's the middle of winter. There is a strong breeze. It's wet, dreary, and chilly. But on the other hand days are slowly lengthening, birds start singing again, and the rough edges of the dark days have been smoothened. A unique combination, typical for the months of February and March. I always just call it the pre-spring phase. 

Renesse slowly wakes from its winter slumber. First there is thick fog, then spring is in the air, which turns the area into a mysterious but enchanting place. It's actually beautiful all the time here. Every type of weather gives the landscape and beach its charms. Today as well, with this typical Dutch drizzle. The air feels temperate and my coat is warm; I dare to head out.

I put on my sturdy hiking boots and Morris, our pet, looks at me with big eyes. "Yes, you can also join!" During this time of year he can still freely roam the beach.  

If you turn left at Camping de Brem, you follow the path which easily leads you to the beach. The path, which in summer is full of happy families, cyclists having a nice chat, and the small electric shuttle bus of the friendly driver, is now all mine. Or is it?

The path leads us to the dunes. We just need to take this path and we'll be on the beach. We can't wait! I never understood why you'd "catch a fresh breeze" on the beach in winter. But now I don't understand why you wouldn't:

1. The beach is completely empty.

Apart from a few people, all the way back there in the distance, this space is all yours. Go wild.

2. You literally and figuratively escape the rush: around you and inside your head. 

And because the beach is such a large, empty plain now, you can fully unwind. Especially when you are used to the busy city, this is a serene relief. A minimum of stimuli, making it the perfect space to fully clear your mind.

3. The sea is beautiful 

The sea is the only noisy thing; it roars all over you. But that doesn't matter, because a rough sea is beautiful.

4. It's super healthy

Your step counter goes wild, your heart starts beating faster, and you'll feel warmer. Hiking in the open is super healthy.

5. You've earned a nice, warm cup of tea of coffee

To get comfortable and warm back up. Turn right after crossing the dunes, and you'll pass by various beach pavilions which are also open in these months for people braving the cold weather. 

When you arrive at the third and fourth beach pavilion, you can take the Jan van Renesseweg and keep going towards the town center. In the town center multiple restaurants are open already, clothing stores already seem to know next summer's trends, and even the ice cream seller couldn't wait any longer.

6. For the ultimate experience and joy of anticipating spring

It's so incredibly atmospheric here, at this time of year already. True joy anticipating spring. Welcome to Zeeland, welcome to Renesse, and welcome to Camping de Brem. We can't wait!